Sunday, October 26, 2008

Photos of Us

Happy Sweetest Day!

A happy moi at Darren's celebrating my wonderful husband.

Don't we look happy and full? We were.

Here's Scott at Bacchanelia happy with his mini milk shake and donut holes. Yum!

Isn't Stella absolutely beautiful? I could spend hours talking about her and post hundreds of photos of her. But I won't.

Instead, here are a few more recent photos of Scott and me. While in Georgia a month ago, we dined at a fantastic restaurant called Bacchanelia. It was a very special night and the meal was simply amazing. Here are a couple of photos of that dinner. And speaking of special nights and amazing dinners, here are a couple of photos of our dinner at Darren's in Manhattan Beach last Saturday.

For all who do not know, the 3rd Saturday of October is Sweetest day. It's a Midwestern holiday very similar to Valentine's Day. Way back in the day, when we met in law school in Michigan, where people did celebrate Sweetest Day, we decided that it would be a holiday we would celebrate. Sweetest Day is technically my domain, meaning that I plan it, make the reservation and treat Scott. I have found some of our favorite places for Sweetest Day. Darren's was my 2008 pick. And, let me tell you, the place is wonderful and the food amazing.

Bon Appetit!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's A Girl! Meet Our Little New Addition!

Ok, enough waiting. It's time to share. Three weeks ago, we finally took the plunge and got a puppy. And what a puppy! The cutests puppy that was ever born. Meet Stella, our baby girl! I'll let the photos speak for themselves.
Love from Atisa & Scott and a hardy "woof" from Stalla!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Updates, Birthdays and Photos

I have been meaning to sit down and write about what we've been up to and share photos of our latest and cutes addition (stay tuned) for a while now. Unfortunately, finding time to do this has been easier said than done. I will make sure to post some more photos of our Georgia trip, as well as our cute little addition very soon.

In the meantime, here are photos of two absolutely adorable little ones in our lives. Madison is now five months old! Wow! Time is flying by. Mommy Stacy sent some photos that just call out for sharing. And my friend Bahar's little man, Brandon, turned one last week and had a big bash to celebrate this milestone. Sooo cute!