Thursday, March 11, 2010

We're Still Here...

Wow!! There were times when I wondered if I'd ever visit this blog again, never mind write anything on it.

I got tired of mindlessly writing cheerful and happy things about cheerful and happy events. I got exhausted from constantly sounding happy and content on this blog. But, what choice did I have? This blog is our "family" blog. This page was created to share our joys and milestones with our friends and family. This is where I was going to post my pregnancy announcement, the ultrasounds, and our birth announcements. This was going to be where I was going to post the first photos of our child. How could I dishonor it by writing something less that happy or cheerful here? How could I dirty it by posting anything less that up, happy and exciting notes and beautiful photos?

Well, I finally realized something very important. Happy does not just happen; it emerges out of hardships and tough times. Joy does not come in a vacuum. And for us, family doesn't just happen, as it so often does for others. And if I want to have this place to write about the bliss in our lives, I'll have to have it to also write about the heartaches in our lives. So, here I am.

I am not here to write about our last great party, or the last wonderful trip to cool destinations, or all the other wonderful things that do happen in our lives on regular basis. I am not, because life's not just a series of happy and wonderful moments. Life has a lot of downs, a lot of losses, a lot of heartbreaks and a lot of disappointments. And I would be disingenuous if I simply went on posting pictures of smiling happy faces and nothing but.

Truthfully, this live is full of beautiful and one of a kind moments. I see amazing things each and every day. I see gorgeous sun rises, heart melting smiles on Scott's face, and all sorts of other awesome things. And I feel very lucky for my life with Scott. We're indeed very fortunate. And together, we have some amazingly unforgettable experiences. I would not give up a single one for anything in the world. But, our life together has also seen a great deal of loss, sadness and disappointment. And our journey has not been as smooth as either of us had expected or wished for. And yet, we are on this sad, awesome, difficult, beautiful, heart breaking, amazing, and awe inspiring journey together and that itself is bliss.

So, this is just to let you out there know that we're still here and that we remain committed, in love and in awe of each other. This is to let you know that we do have an amazing life filled with happy and cheerful moments. It's also to let you know that not everything is sugar and spice 24/7/365. But, what counts is that we're still here...