Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Labor Day, everyone. The long holiday weekend has been a fun one for the two of us. We began by attending a live taping of HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher. After the show, we went to the Stinking Rose for dinner.
On Saturday, we had lunch with a person who's currently attending the law school we attended. She had contacted me because she has an interest in practicing my area of law. It was such a surreal feeling being the lawyer who career dispenses advice to a novice. It seems like it was only a second ago when we were where this woman is now, trying to figure out our way through the maze. Later on Saturday, we went to a friend's pool party, and still later, we went out for some Persian food for dinner. Y-U-M!!
On Sunday, we attanded a friend's sister's wedding. It was an Indian wedding, our first. It was so full of color and love and beauty and music! Simply lovely. We danced our butts off, literally. As a matter of fact, we're both totally sore from all the dancing!!!
Today has been a lazy day. After a slow start, we each caught a different metinee movie. Scott saw World Trade Center, and I saw the Illusionist. What an absolutely beautiful film. I highly recommend it. Scott also liked his movie, and thought it was very well made. He seemed a bit shaken by it and has been in a somber mood ever since. I knew how that movie would affect me, and that's why I did not see it. We're now ending the day by some mellow and relaxed reading, writing and watching TV.
So, that was our long weekend. Let's see what the week will being.

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