Tuesday, August 28, 2007

..Ok, can we talk about San Francisco now??

Palace of Legion of Honor is spectacular!
Finally, standing before The Thinker

Ahh...that's what anyone wants: cold, wet fog in the middle of August

I became so dizzy looking up at the bridge

A lovely corner in Grace Cathedral

A a like-minded friend I met on the bus

The artists' show at Union Square

Mr. & Mrs. Sachs having dinner

Me on a bus...hey that's newsworthy since I never take the bus..I live in LA, remember?

Mission Dolores
I've become a blog freak, thank you very much. I currently have three blogs where I write and post photos and a Facebook page! As a result, I've been neglecting this page, I hate that.

So, with that in mind...

We went to San Francisco in early August for three days. Scott had to be there for professional reasons, and I tagged along for some rest, relaxation and tourism. I think somehow I forgot the resting and the relaxing, because I walked all day everyday we where there. I've been to San Francisco before, but have never had the opportunity or the time to see a lot and do a lot. This trip was different. Since I had a lot of alone time, as Scott's days were mostly spent at the convention, I mapped out a some sight I have always wanted to see and visit.

I traced some locations shown in one of all-time favorite movies, Hitchcock's Vertigo, and visited Mission Dolores and its antique grave yard, I sipped coffee and enjoyed partings by local artists in Union Square, and I visited the gorgeous Palace of Legion of Honor, which held Carlotta Valdez's portrait in Vertigo. Not such painting exists, of course, but the museum and the grounds were simply fantastic. And I finally saw Rodin's The Thinker, which made my year. And finally and most wonderfully, I took a walking tour of the Golden Gate Bridge, which is just amazing! But the weather was so windy and cold and foggy. Mother Nature apparently doesn't notice that it's AUGUST. I had four layers on, for goodness sake!

We had some wonderful meals, and even managed to meet up with some friends. All together it was a wonderful time. Here are some photos of our beautiful and memorable trip.
And stay tuned, because the next trip may be right around the corner. We might be going back to sunny Ventura, where we got married, for Labor Day weekend. I promise to write soon and share more photos.

Until then...

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