Thursday, April 09, 2009

Happy Milestone Birthday to Moi

Last Saturday, I met up with a long lost friend from Dallas who was in town for the weekend. We had not seen each other since 1993! Happy birthday, S!

On the eve of my birthday, Pantea took me and Scott out for dinner to Little Door, a wonderful place I have always wanted to go.

Moi with two faves: pink champagne and flowers

Birthday girl and her cute guy.

It was such a lovely dinner. Thanks Pantea!

BD lunch with Venu at the marina.

Mr. & Mrs. on the town.

Scott surprised me with dinner at the posh new SLS Hotels' Bazaar. I have been buggin' to go there since it opened a couple of months ago.

Our sangria was delicious and beautiful to look at.

Despite what it looks like, my birthday cake was NOT on fire!

Upon my instructions, Scott had asked the restaurant to place -- candles (the number representing my years on earth) on the cake. Apparently the waitress was afraid I would freak out seeing so many candles!!

Yesterday was my --th birthday. I had been dreading its arrival for, well forever, I suppose! But, although I may the number, I LOVE birthdays. All birthdays should be celebrated and cherished. So, to the end, I have been celebrating the dreaded milestone birthday for a whole week now. Hey, at my age, I gotta get all the attention I can get. It ain't gonna last much longer!!:)

Here are some photos of the festivities thus far. Enjoy.


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