Monday, June 04, 2007

Our Travels in May 2007

With the gorgeous bride.

At a good friend's wedding in Plano, TX.

In Texas with a friend I had not seen in more than a decade.

Speaking of .... GIANT, I tell you.

At Serendipity before devouring a giant sundae!

We took this photo while going over the river in a cable car

Scott took this. It's his favorite photo of moi.

Overlooking New York City. Love it!

I told you we like traveling. To prove it, take a look at these photos. We were in NY for Scott's grandmother's 90th birthday party during the May 19th weekend. We got back on Monday, the 21st, only to pack our bags once more and head to good ol' Dallas, Texas FOUR days later on Friday, May 25th!!!

Jet setters? Yeah, baby!!!

Now, back in LA and on terra firma with no plans to travel in the foreseeable future, we get back to our routine in our wonderful, eclectic and crazy City of Angels.


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