Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy 11th!

Last pit stop: a tasting room in Paso Robbles. We had some central coast wine and bought a few bottles to bring home. What a wonderful end to a wonderful trip!!!
Lunch before leaving Santa Cruz. Apparently, this bed and breakfast is haunted. I saw/heard no ghosts while eating.
One last photo amongst the hundred year old trees.

Heading out of the forest in our fun rental.

Finally, I have evidence of the fact that I have married a treehugger!!

Before heading back to LA, we drove through a nearly redwood forest. This photo was taken as we drove into a National Forest. You can see "Pinchie" the lobster, our road trips's mascot!

On the cliffs nearby our hotel.

Day3- We bagan the day by being lazy. We cuddled up on the couch, had a leizurely breakfast and watched Into the Wild. This is me on the balcony of our room. In case you can't tell, we were situated over a cliff overlooking the ocean. Isn't it nice?

The day ended with a gorgeous sunset and extensive frostbite!

On our way back, we ran into a large group of dolphines and spent a good amount of time enjoying them. They have no fear of people and boats, so they swam close to the boat and flopped arounf in the water. They were amazing. I have a short video posted at the bottom of this entry, if you're interested.

Ok, so this was a whale watching tour and we did see a couple of whales, but it took a long time to find them and they were very bashful and didn't give us a chance to take a tail photo. But, I promise, the black thing in the middle of this photo is a whale.

Exhibit A- one frozen husband!

The trip was supposed to take 3-4 hours, but ours took over 4 1/2 hours! We had a great time, but were freezing for most of the day!!!

Our boat slowed down for us to see the cute seals hanging out and sunning themselves.

We took a whale watching cruise on the afternoon of our 2nd day. This photo was taken just as our boat took off for the journey.

Day2- Our hotel, the Seascape Resort, was in Aptos, just a few miles south of Santa Cruz. It was situated right on the cliffs overlooking the Monterey Bay. We took a quick walk down the trails and ended up on the beach just below our hotel. The day began sunny and cool.

Day 1- We took Pacific Coast Highway up the California Coast. Imagine miles and miles of views like this! Fianlly, toward the end of the day, we pulled over to the side of the road and took a few minutes to just admire the amazing view and take some photos. See the waves crashing in distance?

Today's a very special day. 11 year ago today, Scott and I began our journey together. I still remember that day vividly. We had started law school just a month and half before and were facing three of the most difficult and challenging years of our lives. Late Tuesday night on February 19, 1997 in my dorm room, we sat and talked and kissed for the first time! And the rest is, as they say, history. It was very sweet and it is one of my most cherished memories ever.
To mark this wonderful day, I'm sharing some photos from the trip we just took. We took advantage of the long President's weekend and took off for Santa Cruz. It was a beautiful road trip and a great break from everyday life. We took some gorgeous photos. Hope you enjoy them.

Love Always!

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Bahar said...

I love the pictures from your trip! What beauty! You are looking fabulous these days darling!