Sunday, October 29, 2006

Our New (Temporary) Baby

In the bath tub where Giggio lives

Is Giggio not the cutest thing ever??

Thursday we found little chinchilla running around our garage on Thursday. We were afraid it would get run over by the cars and didn't know what to do with it. Finally, Scott captured it and brought it upstairs and we've have been taking care of it since then. It's made a home for itself in our spare bath tub upstairs.

Poor little thing was so scared a first day or two. The funny thing is that we (really me) were afraid of it, too. But, we all have gotten used to each other little by little. I picked it up and held it today for the first time. It is the cutest little thing and so soft!! It's a cross between a cute mouse and a bunny rabbit. It's really cute, as you see from the photos. I've even named it: Topo Giggio, which is the name of an Italian cartoon character. It's similar to Mickey Mouse, especially since the word "Topo" means mouse.

Despite signs around the building and the manager's phone calls to the tenants, no one has yet come to claim the little guy. We will not be keeping it though. If no one in the building claims it, we're giving it to Scott's assistant, Lisa and her daughter Hanna.

Everybody say Ciao, Topo Giggio!

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